Keeping a dog is as easy as keeping a cat, if you can follow the veterinary nutritionist dog food recommendations, cos giving your dog the best recommended food make them thrive well.

Good nutrition is when you feed your dog the building blocks and energy components that allow them to grow, develop to their potential and stay active throughout their life.

Normally, there are two popular types of dog food which are; the wet dog food and the dry dog food. Between the two, the Veterinary nutritionist dog food recommendations says:

Before you purchase or test-run any dog food, make sure you look out for the followings;

In this blog post, i will list out the Top Veterinary nutritionist dog food recommendations and give a link to where you can quickly get them.

However, before i dive in, i would like to let you know the key to canine nutrition which are as follows:

  • Proteins
  • Fat
  • Carbohydrates
  • Vitamins
  • Minerals

Let’s break it down,


According to livescience, Protein is a macro-nutrient that is essential to building muscle mass. It is commonly found in animal products, though is also present in other sources, such as nuts and legumes. There are three macro-nutrients: protein, fats and carbohydrates. Macro-nutrients provide calories, or energy.

Proteins are macro-molecules that dog body cell needs to function well.

In domestic animals like dogs, one of the biggest demands for protein comes from the maintenance of fur and hair, which can use up to 30 percent of a dog’s daily protein intake.

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