Orchids are popular type of flowers that are significant to have blooms that are beautiful, colorful and smell nice. The orchids flower is a very beautiful and appetizing one that has made us to consider it as one of the most beautiful flower thereby bring it inside the home to beautify the home and this article will explain everything you need to know concerning pot for orchids.

The phalaenopsis orchids is the most popular orchids type that are used inside the home, it is so specific that it is not all inside pot that it fits into and as beautiful as the orchids flower is, sets of beautiful pots are also considered as the pots for orchids and in the course of this article, I will move on to explain the characteristics surrounding pot for orchids thereby proceeding to list top pot for orchids that you can best consider when choosing an orchid pot.

What kind of pot is best pot for orchids?

There are many types of pot that can be used for orchids, in fact any container can be classified as pots for orchids only and only if it meets the characteristics of what an orchid’s pot should have.

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The major characteristic that is known that an orchid pot should have is “several drainage holes”. The orchid plant in the forest is one known to grow with only little access to sunlight and water.

As much as they want water in order to grow, they also desist it excessively and any inside pot that is created with several drainage holes match the characteristics of been called a pot for orchid, in fact any container that has drainage holes needed to reduce the excessive composition of water in the roots.

Excessive water in the roots of most inside plant is dangerous, it does not allow the plant to be able to exchange nutrient and breathe in carbon dioxide and unlike most inside plants, orchids root are very sensitive.

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To this cause, suggestion abound that pot for orchids should have around 4-12 drainage holes per pot.

Apart from excessive water, another reason why the drainage holes are so important is because it allows the inflow of air into the roots of the plant.

Examples of pot for orchids include;


Plastic pot is considered to some as the best pot for orchids as it environment is so similar to that of the forest in terms of  helping to keep the orchid root warmer due to the chemical composition present in the formation of the plastic.

Plastic pots are also light and without weight. Perfect examples of a good plastic pot for orchids are;

  • HOMENOTE Plant Pots

The Homenote plant is a Set of 15 plastic planters with multiple drainage holes and tray 6 inch indoor plant pot for all home garden flowers succulents, cream white.

The major characteristic that elevates the pot and classifies it to be one of the best pots for orchids in terms of plastic pots is its multiple drainage holes.

Advantages of Homonotes plants pot
  • Plastic plant pot are cheaper as compared to other type of plant pot and Homonotes plant pot as a plant pot is also cheap.
  • The Homonotes plant pot has multiple drainage holes which makes it one of the best pot for orchids.
  • Homonotes plant pot is beautiful and in addition to the beautiful characteristics of the orchid flower, it seems to be the best pot for orchids.
  • Homonotes plant pot is lightweight which gives you the ability to move it around and it also fit the design of a modern day plant pot for orchid.
Disadvantages of the Homonotes plant pot
  • The Homonotes pot for orchid is so white to the extent that its ability to absorb stains and dirt is on the high and rising side and it takes proper care and maintenance to keep the pot clean and neat.
  • The Homonotes plant pot as a plastic pot has only one colour as its category is dynamic and is less beautiful compared to other ceramics pot and terra cotta pot.

  • Mkono Plastic Planters

The Mkono Plastic Planters is a planter pot with Saucers; it is an indoor pack of 5 flower plant pots with drainage holes.

The Mkono plastic planter is designed in a way that accommodates plants; it is a modern decorative pot for all plants and flowers with orchids included.

One big reason why the Mkono Plastic planter is considered as one of the best pot for orchids is the availability of drainage holes as well as rubber plugs.

Advantages of Mkono plastic plant pot
  • The Mkono plastic plant pot comes with drainage holes.
  • The Mkono plastic plants pot comes with a rubber drainage plug giving you the ability to decide whether to drain the water or not but when it appears that this plastic pot will be used for the orchids flower, it is important to constantly drain the water.
  • This plastic pot also has a glossy layer making it beautiful and catchy and this glossy layer makes the pot easy to clean.
  • Comparing the price to its advantage, one would say The Mkono plastic plant pot is less expensive and is one of the best pots for orchids.
Disadvantages of Mkono plastic pot
  • Just like the Homonotes plastic pot for orchids, it has only one colour.
  • This plant pot is cheap and to some cheap means inferior.


Not everyone wants the plastic pot for orchids, I don’t. in fact in terms of beauty, all of me prefers the handmade glazed beauty, from the family of beauty itself creatively matching the decorative pattern of your home, ceramic pot got  everything in its right shape.

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Ceramic pot for orchids can be creatively and carefully hand sculpted that it can explain any kind of history, beauty, quotation, idea that you wish to communicate across.

Most ceramic pot are also sculpted in a way that phalaenopsis can also fits in. unlike plastic pot and other type of pot, ceramic pot for orchids is pure art, art founded on the meditated act of beauty, it is handmade pottery specially designed to accompany the orchid and fits into your home.

Ceramics pot comes in variety of designs, structure, colours, arts and styles.

Ceramic pot for orchids like other pots has the characteristics needed for beautifying the home, most ceramic pot are designed with drainage holes so it can process oxygen and also drain out excess water that are not needed for the root.

Examples of ceramic pot for orchids are;

  • Atri Ceramic Orchid Pot with Holes

The Atri ceramic pot for orchid’s plants is a decorative flower pot with drainage hole and saucer (6”H x 6.5”W Top and 5”W BTM) promotes circulation and deters over-watering for beautiful blooms.

The white ceramics pot is perfectly decorated with drainage holes around in sizes of flowers allover making the style and design not only beautiful but also open to ventilation.

Advantages of Atri Ceramics pot for orchids plant
  • Atri pot for orchid’s plant comes with several drainage and ventilation holes around as this holes allows fresh air into and out of the orchid’s root thereby reducing the danger that excess water can cause the root of the orchid’s plant.
  • Plants, pots, orchids and pot for orchids are present in homes not only to last long or fill a vacuum but to showcase beauty, beauty in a more defined and specific way. Beauty that is definite to the presence of an object. Beauty that arises from the conscious comprehension of decorative and intentional pot, any pot for orchids can do that but when it comes to intentional beauty, do consider ceramics pot for orchids and apart from considering ceramics pot, do check the link below for Atri ceramics pot for orchid’s plant.
Disadvantages of Atri Ceramics plant pot
  • Atri ceramics plant pot is subject to breakage and it has high chance of getting damaged.
  • 3D Ceramic Orchid Pots, Succulent Pot Indoor Flower Pot Orchid Flower

The 3D ceramics pot for orchids is a round pot that is perfectly built for flowers and home plants, most ceramics plants pot and orchids pot is created with drainage holes but the special thing peculiar to the 3D ceramic orchid pot is that it comes with only one drainage hole with is at the bottom of the ceramic pot, the picture below explain better

The bottom hole present in the ceramics pot swallows the disadvantages that other pots encompass, the availability of drainage holes all over the body of the pot is advantageous to the orchids plant but it also passes into the plants some unneeded extra dangers in the air but this 3D ceramic pot for orchid solve that problem and then provided a big hole beneath the pot so it can also drain water.

Just like any other ceramics plant pot, the 3D ceramics pot is also beautiful.

Other pots that can be classified as some of the best pots for orchids based on their characteristics includes;

  • Large Terra Cotta Pots with Saucer- 4-Pack Large 6.3” Orchid pots with Holes, Clay Ceramic Flower Pot Planters with Tray for Indoor, Outdoor Plant…

Key Features of large terra cotta pot and why it is considered as one of the best pot for orchids:

  • The Large terra cotta pot has a drain hole that best accommodates plants like orchids. In fact, apart from orchid’s plants, other plants can also grow in this large terra cotta pot.

  • The large terra cotta pot for orchids is made from materials of fine quality. The quality clay is made in a way that air and water can easily pass through in an out. Something very significant to the terra cotta pot for orchid and why it is considered as one of the best pot for orchid is that the clay pot draws water from the soil to keep it dry and suitable for any inside or indoor plants with orchids included.
  • Based on the manufacturer comments, it has crack resistance as the pot is lightweight, beautiful and strong.
  • The manufacturer also provides a full and 100% return if it does not meet your taste due to cracks or any manufacturing issues.
  • Mesh pot 2Pcs 5 Inch Plastic Orchid Pots with Holes

Key features of the mesh pot

  • It can be used indoor and outdoor depending on your choice.
  • It comes in two different pieces
  • The bottom of this Mesh pot for orchid like any other pot for orchids has holes that make drainage easy.
  • The holes present in this mesh pot allows for air passage in and out of the root.

Customers Review

I’ve been keeping my phalaenopsis orchids in pots like these (the 7 inch version) with clay substrate, either Seramis or leca clay. So far my orchids in thees pots have done the best, so I’m switching all of my orchids to these pots. I don’t really use the outter pot though, I just keep them in the inner mesh pot with the saucer underneath to collect water, and they’ve been working great. Azalea October 25, 2018

Love these pots. Great size and durable.

BlushandPearls.com January 5, 2021

  • 5.25″ Carousel Orchid Pot (Crystal Diamond)

Key features of the Carousel pot for orchids

  • This carousel pot for orchids has a beautiful carousel design that rests in drip tray and allows maximum air into the orchid bark and roots.
  • It is specially created as clear orchid pot as the drainage allows air into the soil as well as drain excess water.


The Carousel Pot for orchids is s specially designed clear pot and clear pots are good for orchid’s plants.

  • 5.5inch Orchid Pots Succulent Pots Plant Pots Indoor Decorative Planters with Removable Sacuer (Brown)

Key features of this orchid pot

  • This succulent inside pot for orchid is a sturdy and well-made pot for orchids
  • This modern style planter decorates your home as the designs on the pot are not only decorative but also fascinating.
  • The succulent pot also comes with a drainage hole that allows water to pass out.
  • We are proud to offer our 100% money back guarantee to completely protect your purchase if you don’t find the design to match.

Do orchids need pot with holes?

Inside pot comes with drainage holes, most of them does. The impact of the hole or holes present in inside pot is doing them more than little benefit.

When plants are on the natural soil in the forest and field, these plants are inside the soil, the soil has the ability to collect water from rain and after few hours let the top surface of the soil dry so the plant can pass exchange air and the root ‘excess water free’.

These plants also want to live the kind of live they lived when out of the cage and it is in your best interest to create a sense of home for the plant.

Orchids plant like any other inside plants also want the ability to be able to exchange air and drain water so when it comes to answering the question ‘D orchids needs pot with holes?’, it will always bounce out with this same answer a thousand times, Yes, they do need pot with holes and any pot for orchids is supposed to come with drainage holes.

Do orchids like big or small pots?

It should be known that the orchid as a plant is one that pays specific attention to the expansion of their roots and to this both small and big pot can be used and be considered as pot for orchids.

Naturally, based on subconscious study, most orchids’ plants would require a pot or pots that are around 4 to 6 inch deep so it can have space to spread its root.

Are clear pots better for orchids?

The purpose of flower is to beautify, to bring to awareness the beauty in something. Clear pots are not bad and to note, clear pot for orchids are only based on your choice.

It is what you prefer against what you don’t, but if I am to answer the question, I would say clear pot are good and better for orchids only because it allows us to see and inspect the root of our orchid’s plant.

Best pot for phalaenopsis

Phalaenopsis is another type and species of orchids; it is commonly known and called ‘the moth orchids’. They are thick leaved sprays of blooming leaves, they naturally prefers to grow in a bright, warm and open location but as orchid too, they don’t like to be exposed to much sunlight.

They are orchids and they are a more beautiful orchids and the pot for orchid discussed in the article above best applies to them also.

Best planter for orchids

As listed in above, best planter pots for orchids ranges from the plastic pot for orchids to the terra cotta to the ceramics and so on. All of these pots are the best pot for orchid’s plant.

When speculating on purchasing a pot for orchid, instead of going too far, all the pots here are specifically and intentionally chosen to meet your taste in respect to whatever your taste might be.

Conclusion On Pot for Orchids

It is not every pot that can be used for growing orchids in the home; it should not be every pot that should be used for orchids in the home.

Orchid’s plants are a very delicate one and it takes an expert to search online to select the best of the best pot for your orchids, this is what we have done and in doing this we pin pointed reasons why the pot for orchids listed are the best and why you should check them out.

When it comes to beauty, we got that covered. When it comes to drainage holes, we got that covered.

When it comes to style, designs and colors, we obviously mentioned that too and when it comes to pot for orchids, that what we know how to do best.

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