Have you been looking for the best liquid lawn fertilizer to boost your lawn? Worry no more, you have come across the best content that will guide you through.

To some, the possession of lawn create happiness, to another it serves as an avenue where we can sit, talk or catch fun, to a separate people, an avenue for the reduction of noise pollution, to you, it may mean something else and serve an entirely different purpose.

Regardless of that, keeping the lawn clean and tidy is one basic thing we would constantly ensure and in this article, we have out listed the top 5 liquid lawn fertilizer that can help boost your lawn.

No one want to have or own a lawn that is insect filled and has poor plant structure with irregularities in its growth pattern, no one would feel comfortable having his or her lawn filled, littered and congested with bugs, grubs and any other pest.

For you to be here, it means only two things, it is either you have a lawn and you are searching for the best fertilizer to boost your lawn or you are about to create your own lawn, either way, this is the best place you can be, just scroll, read and enjoy how we present to you the best of the best liquid lawn fertilizers.

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Fertilizing the lawn is as important as keeping the lawn. The importance of lawn fertilizers should not be underrated in any discussion that deals with lawn and in this article the importance of applying fertilizer to your lawn would be discussed along some other related issue before proceeding to give the best of the best liquid lawn fertilizers and the reason they are considered as the best fertilizer for your lawn.

Importance of Lawn fertilizer

  1. Fertilizing your lawn helps the root to grow deeper.
  2. Fertilizing your lawn with good lawn fertilizer helps your lawn to be greener and healthier.
  3. Fertilizing your lawn helps in providing the nutrients needed for the healthy living of your lawn just like sunshine and water.
  4. Fertilizing your lawn helps in eradicating pest and bugs eating and wanting to destroy your lawn.
  5. Fertilizing your lawn does not only help beautify your environment, makes the lawn greener or healthier, it also helps your lawn last longer.

Is liquid fertilizer good for lawns?

Yes, liquid – lawn fertilizers are good for lawn, in fact in accordance to the study made in writing this article, liquid-lawn fertilizers are the best lawn fertilizers that you should constantly look out for and right below are the top 5 best liquid lawn fertilizers.

Few reasons are listed below on why liquid lawn fertilizers are the best lawn fertilizers.

1.  Liquid-lawn fertilizers unlike other lawn fertilizers provide a quick release of nutrients to your plants.
2. In consideration to a big lawn, the liquid applications would be a great choice as when it comes to super sized lawns, the spreading process can be accomplished much quicker than other lawn fertilizer.
3. Since it is liquid, this type of lawn fertilizer has the ability to travel deep down into the root of the lawn than any other lawn fertilizer.
4. The liquid lawn fertilizer allows for even distribution and spread of the fertilizer as all part of the lawn become exposed to an equal fertilizer.

Top 5 Best Liquid Lawn Fertilizer

This list of the top 3 best liquid lawn fertilizer has been picked and reviewed by our experts who want nothing other than the healthy growth of your lawn.

Various liquid-lawn fertilizers have also been considered but against other liquid lawn fertilizer, these five have proven themselves to be the best.

1. Medina Ready-to-Spray Liquid Lawn Fertilizer

Medina 12-4-8 Ready-to-Spray HastaGro Lawn, 1 quart is ready to use lawn fertilizer by attaching a hose to the sprayer bottle. If you are a type who doesn’t like hauling out spreader and dealing with heavy bag of granular fertilizer then you would consider this high nitrogen lawn food.

This liquid fertilizer is a product of Medina and it’s fast acting fertilizer that will quickly green-up your lawn.

Composition summary

This lawn fertilizer contains plant food supplements and chelated trace elements.

  • 12.0% Nitrogen
  • 8.0% Soluble Potash
  • 0.50% Copper
  • 0.50% Iron(Fe)
  • 0.5% Manganese
  • 0.5% Zinc

Liquid lawn fertilizer



  • Medina Ready-to-Spray fertilizer has an N-P-K analysis of 12-4-8.
  • It greens up lawns quickly.
  • It’s formulated for all lawns and Turf grasses.
  • This lawn fertilizer absorbs quickly by grass (It’s absorbed through the leave and not by root)
  • It is cheap and affordable.


  • It’s smaller in size but works so fast.
  • It is well applied in the morning before the sun rise.

2. Grass So Green 7-7-7 F4G Formula

The Grass So Green 7-7-7 F4G Formula is one of the best liquid lawn fertilizers. It is an Environmentally-Friendly Liquid Fertilizer that is applied through an American Hydro Systems Feeder System in Continuous or Small Doses.

This Grass So Green liquid fertilizer is a product of American Hydro Systems.

Liquid lawn fertilizer



  • The Grass So Green liquid lawn fertilizer gives a quick and fast result.
  • This lawn fertilizer is so specific about your safety that it is safe for you to move on with your activities once it is dried.
  • This liquid lawn fertilizer comes with a guarantee program if it does not exceed expectation.
  •  This Grass So Green liquid lawn fertilizer has the ability to be effective under any season and weather condition.
  • This Grass So Green liquid lawn fertilizer is considered to be one of the best liquid lawn fertilizer because of all this characteristics its possess alongside that, it makes the lawn greener faster as the effect of the fertilizer is evident after days after its usage.


  • This Grass So Green liquid lawn fertilizer is dangerous to children and pets especially in its highly concentrated form.
  • This liquid lawn fertilizer does not have a correct application ratio as issues may arise based on ones guess or assumption of what a correct ratio should be.

3. Ultimate 3-18-18 NPK

This liquid lawn fertilizer is one of the best liquid lawn fertilizers. It is made from high quality feed grade ingredients that is created to nourish your lawn to health with pure liquid nutrients.

This liquid lawn fertilizer is to keep the lawn in good health and to treat lawn nutrient deficiencies.


  • This Simple lawn solution is created in a way that it serves as food to the lawn, just as food is required by humans to survive, plants and lawn also required food-nutrients in any kind especially liquid to also help boost their health, growth and wellbeing.

Best liquid lawn fertilizer



  • This liquid lawn fertilizer also helps in the development of lawn roots.
  • The Simple Lawn Solution, a type of liquid lawn fertilizers also helps in treating nutrients deficiency.


  • The above lawn fertilizer is the best for your lawn because it also contains nitrogen which is needed for a proper plant feeding menu.
  • It is easy to use.
  • The liquid lawn fertilizer is compatible with all the types of plants including Bermuda, St. Augustine, oysia, buffalo, centipede, palmetto and bluegrass.


  • Just like most liquid-lawn fertilizers, it is harmful in its highly concentrated form and should be kept out of the reach of children.

4. 18-3-6 Liquid Fertilizer

This liquid lawn fertilizer is one of the best lawn fertilizers. Over here, there are various arguments regarding why this 18-3-6 Liquid fertilizer should not be considered as the best liquid lawn fertilizer.

This liquid fertilizer helps the lawn in so many ways. In truth, the composition of this lawn fertilizer is one thing that makes it so special.

Composition of 18-3-6 liquid lawn fertilizer


Nitrogen as a basic nutrient needed for lawn is present in the liquid – lawn fertilizer. The liquid lawn fertilizers has a composition of 18% nitrogen that is important for rapid growth and development of the lawn leaf.


For a lawn to grow green and healthy it has to have a deep root and this is what a liquid fertilizer must be able to produce. This liquid lawn fertilizer comes with 3% phosphorus that is important in early root growth.


Potassium or soluble potash helps the lawn to create a resistance against pest and disease that want to destroy the lawn.

It is an important element in lawn fertilizer and this liquid-lawn fertilizer also comes with 6% potassium that increases  resistance to drought and disease.

Other Micro-nutrients present in the composition of this Liquid lawn fertilizer helps in plant growth and overall plant health. Product contains 50% SRN (Slow Release Nitrogen) for long lasting feeding.

Composition summary

  • 18% Nitrogen
  • 3% Phosphoric Acid
  • 6% Soluble Potash
  • 0.5% Copper
  • 1% Iron
  • 0.5% Manganese
  • 0.5% Zinc

Top 5 best liquid lawn fertilizers



  • This liquid lawn fertilizer is designed to help build the lawn is a healthy and fast growth rate.
  • This liquid lawn fertilizer provides to the lawn a micro nutrient consumption meal that has the ability to make the lawn greener.
  • This liquid lawn fertilizer comes with a recommended mix ratio to save you from the guess and assumption that might damage your lawn. The recommended mix ratio of this liquid; Mix at a ratio of 50 gallons of water per gallon of fertilizer.


  • This liquid lawn fertilizer comes with an application ratio that recommended the area that best fit the galloon of lawn fertilizer. The recommended application ratio is 1 gallon per acre or 3 oz per 1000 sq ft every other week.
  • This 18-3-6 liquid lawn fertilizer is easy to use and apply.
  • This 18-3-6 liquid lawn fertilizer produces quick and rapid result.


  • Nill

5. Raw Organic Humic Fulvic Acid- Liquid Carbon – Root Hume- Simple Grow Solutions- Natural Lawn

This is an organic lawn fertilizer that works very fast on lawns, and applying organic fertilizers to lawn means that grass is safe for kids and pets. 


  • Very affordable to buy.
  • It is best for all grass types.
  • Used on commercial agricultural and Turf


  • Nill.

Should I apply water after applying liquid fertilizer?

For some fertilizer, in fact most of them, you will need to apply water on the lawn for close to two weeks before the application of the fertilizer, so it can soften the soil and also make the lawn and its soil prepared to receive the fertilizer in good shape.

To now answer, the question on if water should be applied after the application of liquid lawn fertilizer, the answer is No, a big, robust and specific No.

Imagine pouring water on the lawn immediately after fertilizing them, you would just be harming yourself by washing away the fertilizer you used some moments ago.

So, water can be applied days after the fertilizer has provided result but not during the fertilizing period. This process does not in any way affect the water mix ratio.

When should I apply liquid fertilizer to my lawn?

Fertilizing the lawn once in a year is not too bad but it will be so incomparable to that of an individual who fertilizes his own lawn twice or four times in a year as constant fertilization helps the lawn in all ramifications. So constant fertilization of lawn with good liquid lawn fertilizers like the one listed above is a very good thing.


The importance of liquid lawn fertilizer in a lawn area environment cannot be underemphasized in the discussion that pertains taking care and maintaining a lawn area.

The above listed liquid lawn fertilizer are the best fertilizers that can boost your lawn:

1. Grass So Green 7-7-7 F4G Formula
2. Ultimate 3-18-18 NPK
3. 18-3-6 Liquid Fertilizer
4. Medina Ready-to-Spray Liquid Lawn Fertilizer
5. Raw Organic Humic Fulvic Acid
The five have been picked to match the description of your lawn, so just scroll up, select, click to buy and you are on the path on the phase of a beauty filled environment.

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