We will be walking through the Gumboro vaccine for the bursal disease, the price at various countries, and what you need to know about the infectious bursal disease.


What is Gumboro disease in Poultry?

Gumboro disease, which is also known as Infectious Bursal Disease (IBD), is a deadly disease that affects young poultry birds such as Chicken, Ducks, and Turkeys. This virus was first originated from the town Gumboro district, Delaware, the USA, in the year 1962.
It was named Gumboro after the first detection in the town Gumboro district, and since then, everyone calls it gumboro disease. IBD usually affects chicken of six weeks old and onset. Thus it destroys their lymph cells in the cloacal bursa, tonsils, and spleen.
Infected animals can be seen with depression, watery diarrhea, ruffled feathers, and dehydration.

Infectious Bursal Disease Transmission


How to prevent bursa disease (Gumboro) in Poultry?

The best method to prevent gumboro disease in the poultry unit is to give your chicks, ducks, and turkeys vaccine before the emergent of bursal disease. i.e., vaccinate against the contagious disease.

How do you vaccinate? And at what old do you need to give chicks gumboro vaccine? Well, it will be discussed below!

How to use the Gumboro Vaccine?

If you ever wish to know how to use Gumboro vaccine, then you need to when exactly to vaccinate your chicks, ducks, and turkeys against this contagious disease.

How to mix the Gumboro vaccine?

Gumboro Vaccine Dosage?

Gumboro vaccine administration

Gumboro d78 vaccine



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