Main problems of the executives before the chicken lay eggs.


Half a month before chickens lay eggs, is viewed as the temporary period from the development stage to the laying time frame. At this stage, a progression of assignments, for example, placing the chickens into their enclosure, choice, inoculation, changing the feed and expanding light will cause a lot of duty.


During this period, the chicken’s physiology changes radically. The chicken is touchy and has powerless flexibility and helpless illness opposition. If taking care of and the executives are inadequate, this will unfavourably influence the presentation of laying.


9 significant focuses on improving the egg-laying rate


1. Readiness


Update the chicken coop and gear and cautiously the of the framework, drinking water, power supply lighting, seepage and confines, outline and other hardware. If there has been an anomaly, this ought to be fixed expeditiously;


Completely perfect and clean the chicken coop and hardware. Steps: first clean the dung, residue, and soil on the floor, rooftop, and mass of the chicken coop. At that point wash the chicken coop and gear with a high-pressure washer. At long last, clean the chicken house and hardware.


Set up the fundamental utensils, meds, instruments, record structures and feed, and orchestrate the taking care of the staff


2. Move chicken to confine


1) Age of chicken exchanges to confine.


Chickens normally lay eggs at around four months, so they should be placed into the confine before 15 four months. This guarantees that the hens have a timeframe to get comfortable with the climate before laying eggs. At that point structure an agreeable gathering arrangement, and you will possess sufficient energy for vaccination and other work. If chickens are placed into confine past the point of no return, the egg-laying time will be deferred and contrarily influence the laying rate. The hens that have just been laying might be suspended because of high pressure from being moved. What’s more, a few chickens may have yolk peritonitis and result in a critical expansion in the number of dead chicken eggs.




We necessitate that development and advancement are acceptable, even, and clean. On the off chance that lopsided, it will genuinely influence creation execution. When placing chickens into confines, we should eliminate the modest, slender, and stray chickens that have no reproducing esteem, and pick excellent chickens with enthusiastic soul, solid constitution, and appropriate weight.




Regardless of whether the chicken in the agonizing time frame is acceptable, because of components, for example, hereditary qualities and raising administration, there will, in any case, be some more modest and bigger chickens in the herd. On the off chance that we dispense with them, the expense will be expanded, and the pens in the layer house can’t be completely utilized. You should leave the more modest and bigger chickens. At that point put them into various enclosures independently. Take exceptional measures to reinforce the board to advance its consistency. For instance, put the more modest chickens in the centre enclosure with high temperature and openness to the sun. Increment the sustenance appropriately to advance their development and improvement. For huge chickens, the number in the confine ought to be appropriately restricted. As per the limit of the enclosure, every single pen can be taken care of in an adequate amount at a time to avoid chickens that enter the pen first by tormenting the chickens that enter the pen late.


chicken cultivating project


3. Vaccination


Vaccination ought to be completed before laying eggs. The inoculation is fundamental to forestall the spread of illnesses during egg creation.


The vaccination technique is sensible and adjusts to the genuine circumstance in the field. The antibody source ought to be solid, all-around safeguarded, and have quality affirmation. The inoculation course ought to be suitable, and the activity has done effectively with a precise dose. After immunization, you should check the impact of the inoculation. Furthermore, if important, direct neutralizer testing to guarantee the impact of the immunization, so the chickens have adequate immunizer levels to forestall illness.


One strategy to improve the insusceptible framework is through the respiratory organization. By dissolving the medication in water to utilize a fogger sprayer, when the chicken inhales, the medication will be in their body.


disinfectant fogger machine


4. Ousting parasites


It ought to be done before laying eggs. For 110-130-day-old chickens, put 20-40 mg of levamisole or 200-300 mg of carbofuran per kilogram of body weight into the feed once every day for a sum of 2 days to remove roundworms. At that point put between 100-200 mg of bithionol per kilogram of body weight into the feed once per day for an aggregate of 2 days to drive out tapeworms. At the point when the oocysts of coccidioides are genuinely contaminated, the counter coccidioides ought to be utilized consistently for 5 – 6 days in the wake of being placed in the pen.


5. Light


Light affects the conceptive exhibition of chickens. Expanding light can animate the emission of sex chemicals to advance egg creation. Shortening the light openness will hinder the discharge of sex chemicals, accordingly restraining ovulation and egg creation. By controlling the light presented to the chicken this will invigorate and keep up the egg-laying balance. Likewise, the light can change the sexual development of the hold chickens and urge the chicken to lay flawlessly. Light control is exceptionally basic when chickens are prepared to lay. Suitable light incitement can guarantee chickens lay appropriately heretofore and decrease taking care of expenses.


For chickens that meet the necessities or are marginally bigger than the standard bodyweight, the light hours can be expanded to 13 hours at around 16 – 17 weeks old enough, and afterwards expanded by 20 minutes every week until the light hours arrive at 16 hours. The chickens with lower body weight should begin light incitement at around 18 – 20 weeks old enough.


Light hours should increment slowly. If the openness to light is excessively long, it’s not difficult to cause prolapse. Light power ought to be fitting, not very solid or excessively frail. On the off chance that too solid, this will make chickens peck, and if too powerless it isn’t viable.


Proficient LED lights not just positively affect the chicken laying rate, yet besides has great characteristics to oppose water, fire, and smelling salts.


poultry house lighting frameworks


6. Rearing


Taking care of before laying not just influences the laying rate and the term of the pinnacle laying period yet besides influences the demise rate.


1 Change feed at the appropriate time. To make hens more gainful, diminish the pace of egg breakage and decrease the event of exhaustion in laying hens, the calcium content in the eating routine ought to be expanded from 0.9% to 2.5% from the age of 17 weeks. At the point when the laying rate arrives at 20% – 30%, the calcium substance should increment to 3.5%.


2 Ensure feed consumption. Before laying, you should let the chicken pick food unreservedly, eat completely, guarantee adjusted sustenance, and advance the pace of laying.


3)Ensure drinking water. Toward the start of laying, the chicken has solid digestion and requires a lot of water. It is important to guarantee satisfactory water. Deficient water will influence the laying rate, and there will be more instances of prolapse of the rear-end.


7. Decrease pressure


1) Arrange a working chance to decrease pressure.


Placing chickens in confines and vaccination is best done at night. Catch, transport, and put the chicken into the pen ought to be light. Before placing chickens into confines, you need to add a feed in the feeder box, water into the tank, and keep up the fitting light force so when chickens enter the enclosure they can drink water, eat feed, and get comfortable with the climate as quickly as time permits. There ought to be a temporary period while changing the feed.


Utilize against pressure added substances.


There are many pressure factors before laying. Hostile to stretch specialists can be added to the feed or drinking water to mitigate pressure. Nutrient C, moment multidimensional, fumaric corrosive, and narcotic chlorpromazine are ordinarily utilized.


8. Sterilization


After entering the confine, the chicken is curious about the climate and this will cause extraordinary pressure. As the pace of laying builds, the digestion of the chicken is vivacious and the obstruction is poor. It is incredibly helpless against microorganisms so it is important to fortify obstruction and insusceptibility.


Shut down permitting the unfamiliar staff into the taking care of zone and chicken house. The taking care of staff should be purified before entering;


Focus on the chicken house climate, drinking water, and feed cleanliness;


Routinely purify within and outside of the house to decrease illness;


Focus on the utilization of some antibacterial medications and Chinese homegrown prescriptions to forestall the event of E. coli and mycoplasmosis.


9. Fortify perception


Focus on the chicken taking care of, breath, excrement and laying rate builds cautiously, and discover answers for the issues speedily.


When laying eggs, the physiology changes definitely, and the chickens are touchy and uncomfortable. They are inclined to getting hanging necks and winging. It is important to watch more to recognize and deal with as quickly as time permits to diminish the odds of death.


Focus, quickly find butt-centric pecking chickens, harassed chickens, and debilitated and handicapped chickens, and select them for treatment.


5 measures to improve the laying rate in summer


1. Control the temperature of the chicken house


Decrease the warmth radiation and impression of the chicken house.


By planting trees around the chicken house or setting up shade, planting grass around the chicken house, painting the chicken house rooftop white or setting a roof, every one of these strategies can diminish the radiation and reflect heat adequately to make the house cool.


On the off chance that you assemble encased chicken houses, you can utilize exhaust fans and cooling cushions to make the house cool.


chicken ranch ventilating framework




By introducing fans and water window ornaments, showering water in the chicken house now and again, improving ventilation and so on Everything techniques can diminish the temperature of the house viably.


ventilation hardware


Lessen taking care of thickness


Appropriately lessen the taking care of thickness and decrease the chicken’s warmth creation, to diminish the house temperature and lessen the effect of pressure.


2. Reinforce taking care of the executives


During the hot season, the temperature is higher around early afternoon, in this way the chickens eat less or even decline to eat. You can receive uncommon taking care of techniques and change taking care of times. For instance, feed before 8 am and after 6 pm. Feed again around evening time. Taking care of less or no taking care of at all from 8 am to 6 pm, yet giving sufficient water (cold water is better). Where conditions grant, the powdered material can be changed to pellets, and the feed can be marginally clammy. Increment the feed admission of the chicken, and lessen the impacts of warmth stress.


pellet feed


3. Change the feed


During the high-temperature season, the chickens eat generally less. As of now, you can change the feed synthesis properly to guarantee that the chickens get adequate sustenance.


Adding 1% to 3% fat in the feed can not just increment the energy level of the feed, yet besides, improve the tastefulness of the feed and increment the general feed admission of the chicken.


Suitably lessen the rough protein content in the take care of and keep up the substance of fundamental amino acids. You can add 0.1% to 1.5% methionine and 0.65% lysine.


4. Utilize hostile to push medications and added substances


Add nutrients


Add enough nutrients to the feed, particularly nutrient C and nutrient E.


Nutrient C can significantly improve the counter-pressure capacity of the chicken. Nutrient E causes the chicken to accomplish the best invulnerable usefulness and improve the general protection from microbes.


Add granular calcium and electrolyte


The electrolytes not just make up for the absence of minerals and keep up the corrosive base equilibrium, yet besides improve the exhibition of the chicken going through warmth stress. Adding the appropriate measure of granular calcium to the eating routine can enhance the low calcium levels in the blood. Then again, it can likewise expand the egg creation rate and improve the nature of the eggshell.


5. Fortify pandemic counteraction and control the event of infections


Chickens become ill in summer simpler because mosquitoes breed and microorganisms increase rapidly. It is important to fortify the sanitization of chicken houses to forestall the spread of infection.


Clean the house and pad the sand soil frequently to reinforce


Adding fly parasite nets into the feed for about a month can successfully decrease the reproducing of mosquitoes and flies and essentially lessen the occurrence of sicknesses spread by mosquitoes and flies.


Addingastragalus polysaccharide, plant hemagglutinin, hypericin or ciprofloxacin lactate, lysozyme routinely in the feed can forestall the event of bacterial and viral illnesses.


Legitimate immunization is the way to forestall irresistible sicknesses.


Expectation this article was useful and much obliged for perusing!

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